MURIELLE TELIO- Actor, writer, director.

SPILL THE WAX with Murielle / @murielletelio

Join us as we take a peek inside the world of Murielle Telio @murielletelio an actor, writer, painter and director. After growing up in New Orleans and moving to Los Angeles, she finds inspiration in the grit and darkness of the city and its history. 

RUKSKE: In your writing, do you ever use the sense of smell?

Murielle: Honestly, there's really no telling what will spark an inspiration to write, but it can definitely be a whiff of a perfume I get walking by someone, a candle scent, or burning sage. Anything really that sparks an emotional connection in me and starts the process of creating a character or a setting.

RUKSKE: Describe your upcoming project in scents only:

Murielle: Oh I like this question: Evocative, Spicy, and Natural.

RUKSKE: If someone you know begins wearing your signature perfume that you're known for, would you be ok with it or change scents?

Murielle: I think it would be a bit presumptuous of me to assume I can and should be the only person wearing a particular scent, haha. That being said, I do think perfumes mix with our pheromones and body chemistry differently. Therefore, we're never truly wearing the same scent. 

RUKSKE: Are you a candle burner or a collector ? Do you light up or do you save for a special occasion?

Murielle: I'm both. I definitely love to burn my candles though. What's the point of having them if not to enjoy them?

Do you have a favorite at-home ritual when you burn a candle?

A: Yes! I pour myself a glass of wine, light a candle, journal, and then either read or put on a show or movie.

RUKSKE: What’s your favorite room to burn a candle in? 

Murielle:: My living room, on my coffee table.

RUKSKE: Lighter or matches? Why? 

Murielle: I prefer matches. It adds to the experience.

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